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Guys, I’m going to be honest here… getting three kids ready for full time school this year KICKED MY BUTT.

You have these sweet images in your head of taking them all school supply shopping together, making memories, laughing on aisle 9… and then reality hits. By the end of the trip I was eating straight SPARK from the packet. Preslee was dancing like a fairy, Blain was running around like a mad man, Kanon crying because Blain got the last blue folder that existed on planet earth, and Rush decided everything that was placed in the cart with him needed to be open for testing. It was NOTHING like the sweet vivid images I had in my head.

Life never really is though.

I enjoy my summers with the kids, but I also love the structure that school time brings in our home. Because honestly, I don’t do a good job at providing that unless we are in school.

Back to school for the kids also means Back to BSF for me! If you aren’t familiar with BSF it stands for “Bible Study Fellowship” It is a world wide Bible Study that runs with the school year. We focus on one study for the whole year, meeting weekly. For instance, last year was the book of Romans. So, from September – May we studied the book of Romans. BSF is a very deep study. I often tell our leaders we need a “rehab” program for BSF-ers in the summer. I struggle SO bad with coming out of a deep study, going into summer time, and just letting myself completely go. I do try to meet with a group of girls from church every summer, but this one just seemed harder than the previous and I wasn’t able to be there as much as I normally have been in the previous years.

With all four kids home and no structure I rarely spend time in the word in the summer months. There I said it. Whew. And I hate it. I can physically, emotionally, and spiritually FEEL it. I don’t use discernment or intention with my time in the summer. I sleep in and by the time I get up the kids have completely torn the house apart, so my day usually begins with me waking up to the midst of complete chaos.

Needless to say, I am SO excited to get back into my routine with studying the word. What is in you will come out of you. I feel my absolute best when Gods word is running through my heart and mind. I feel my absolute best when His word is the first and the last thing I see everyday. I absolutely LOVE studying His word and seeing what He reveals in each new season and study. Get ready friends, my heart is already expectant for what He is going to do this year! And I promise that is what is going to be pouring out of me! Ricky and I are also helping to lead our homegroup through a study called “ROOTED” hosted by our home church. ANNND I have been asked to serve on the committee this year for a local ministry called “Fabulous Faith” I can already feel God moving and beginning to prepare my heart for all that is to come this season! And I am FIRED UP.

What do summers look like for you as far as your study and quiet time? Do you have a good daily discipline? If so… SHARE IT. Because myself, and I assume many others, need it!

If you are interested more in BSF and would like to find one near you, CLICK HERE! I promise you won’t regret it!


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