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I have a lot of ladies ask where I attend Bible Studies & Small groups/ Home Groups at & for the most part they have been ones that some ladies at our church have put together or recently something Ricky & myself have put together.

A few months back I was asked to share my story at a Womens Bible Study at our church. Hold on let me take you back to the night before I was asked to share… Night before we are set to get together I have a dream that I die. I am standing before God & I ask, “Why so soon?” He tells me, “You’re not using the gifts I have given you” YIKES. Ok so I reflect on it but, don’t really know the whole “meaning” behind it just yet. Fast forward…. SO I had been attending the Womens study at our church. We met once a week & it was 12-1pm… great for ladies that were working & wanted to get poured into on their lunch break! So I go, by myself… very uncommon for me, I like to roll with a posse. I felt God saying I needed to be there though so, I went.

Each week, story after story was shared. My heart stirred. It ached. I had always wanted to share my story but, after hearing some of these womens journeys mine felt like a “walk in the park.” Some of the obstacles these women had to face brought so much sorrow, I couldn’t even imagine walking out what they had been through. God used them though & He will use you too. Their stories touched my life & every other woman present. One story really stirred my heart though. So much that when the session had ended I had the “bright idea” to just kinda drop the comment to our two campus pastors wives “I can’t wait to share my story one day”

Before I could walk away Miss Kathy says, “Great! How about next Wednesday?”

With a red hot face & almost hot flash like feeling I IMMEDIATELY say, “Oh NO WAY! Not yet! Maybe one day though”

I leave the church get in my car & the first thing I think of is my dream. I wasn’t using the gift God had given me. See your story is a gift. It may not be a pretty one all wrapped up but, it is your gift. You are suppose to use it & share it.

I quickly find my phone, call Kathy & apologize for turning down the opportunity. I begged her to let me still share! She was kind enough to say, “YES!”

I share my journey. I prayed God would speak through me that day. I don’t know what I said. But, that’s how I know it wasn’t me speaking. 🙂 I’ve prayed that I was obedient in what was being shared that day & that at least one lady in the room felt a tug on her heart.

I have always enjoyed “public speaking” I remember as I was growing up things that would happen in my life I would want to go and share them. I don’t enjoy it because I am full of wisdom & knowledge. I’ve always enjoyed it because it’s just always come from the heart. The problem was I never could figure out what on earth I could talk about & that would keep people engaged & interested. I had a few ideas. My husband & I work a at home business & because of our journey we have been given the opportunity to speak at many events. Some with 1 person & some with 25,000 people. When this all happened I thought this was what God had called me to speak about & that this would help to “fill that void” I had & help to fulfill a passion of mine. It did for awhile & I still enjoy it SOOO much!!

After that first time though of just letting God use me that day for His glory & His testimony I felt something I had never ever felt before. Kathy actually called me a few days after & thanked me for what I had shared that day. In the midst of our conversation I told her I wanted to do more. I wanted to know more so I could share more. I wanted to go to seminary school. Kathy told me of a study called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) She said I needed to check it out ASAP! She said it was right up there with seminary school.

I got to check it out at the beginning of the year. They were actually wrapping up the study of Matthew. In just the few classes I went to I had pages of notes & I learned SO much. I learned things that by just me reading through I don’t know if I would have caught. Like… When Mary anointed Jesus, she poured a perfume on his feet. Back then the kind of perfume she poured on his feet was SO expensive & I even learned the name of it… it’s wrote in my journal. But I mean just little details that I fell in love with. The program runs similar to the school year. We just started back & we are studying Moses this semester. Just from the little bit I have heard so far I am SO excited & I feel like I may have a few things in common with ol Moses.

I encourage you today to see your journey as a gift. To see all the messes that have been brought into your life as a part of your message today. Use the times God has put you to the test as a part of your testimony. Share what God has placed on your heart. Someone out there is in desperate need to hear a story JUST LIKE YOURS. & if you are looking to dig deeper look for a BSF near you!

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