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Every year I love to create a numbered gift guide that you could literally text the link to your spouse and say, “I really like #1, #5 & #7” (Just an example) I know for Ricky, the more simple I can make it for him, the better. If your guy loves to surprise you and buy gifts, give him a few options on the list so you still get the “WOW’ factor and it fills his love tank too!

I combined somethings you all submitted when I did a poll on Instagram, somethings I would love to get this year, and just some of my favorite previous gifts! I did my best to really mix in items of all price points! Please feel free to shoot me any questions on INSTAGRAM and I will do my best to help anyway I can!

  1. ENGRAVED NAME RINGS– one of my favorite gifts I have been given. We had Rush (our 4th child) on December 23rd. We left the hospital Christmas Eve and walked straight into Christmas at my moms. She gifted me these rings with each of my kids names on them! I wear all four on my right ring finger! Cannot recommend these enough, mine are Lisa Leonard, but THESE are literally identical to mine and the reviews are amazing!

  2. PERFUME– RANDOM, but I LOVE this PERFUME! My friend Ashlee Nichols did a collaboration with QVC and there was a sample of this PERFUME in the box I received and I fell in love! Even Ricky was like, “I love whatever perfume you’re wearing right now” It’s SO good and not really a fragrance everyones wearing! Ricky… I want THIS! LOL!

  3. SIMPLE HUMAN MIRROR– You guys! I got this a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT! Cannot say enough great things about it! Love that it’s cordless, I have had it for over 2 weeks and haven’t had to charge it once and I use it daily! It has the sensor, so comes on automatically when you approach it and you can change the dimness of the light! Put this on your list, it’s amazing!

  4. I treated myself to this CHUNKY KNIT BLANKET this week and I ain’t mad about it! These things can retail for $100’s!! Found this one for under $70 and it’s SO good!!! And if that one is sold out, check out THIS ONE, it’s under $50!

  5. SPLURGE ITEM! I LOVE this cute little GUCCI BAG! Haven’t seen this style much! It’s big enough to fit your phone, card holder and some lipgloss. Great option for date night, traveling, etc! Can’t go wrong with any of them, but I personally love the white! Under $1000 too, PLUS free shipping!

  6. GARMENT RACK I have had this in my cart for months! I love the rustic vibe and that it has a rack + shelves!

  7. GUCCI BELT– Really want this in the white! (Size 75 if you’re reading this Ricky)

  8. COSMETIC/PRODUCT STORAGE– If you like practical gifts, you will get a ton of use out of this! I’ve had mine for over a year and LOVE it!

  9. DYSON HAIRDRYER– I’ve had mine for almost 2yrs and I love it! HIGHLY recommend it if you have thick and/or long hair!!

  10. GOLDEN GOOSE– Don’t judge, but I LOVE! Ricky loves baseball and so do my boys, so I LOVE this pair for so many reasons! SO unique and just legit! Major splurge, but their good! I will add in some similar and more affordable options at the bottom of this post!

  11. MICRODERMABRASION SYSTEM– The amount of times I have almost bought this is just ridiculous! I need to just pull the trigger, I see everyone raving about it!

  12. DYSON– We love our cordfree one! I snagged it last year on black Friday and have zero regrets about it… especially with 4 kids!

  13. 3 PIECE LUGGAGE SET– If you need luggage, this three piece set is legit. Tons of colors to pick from, light weight, but high quality! I just got the rose gold and I LOVE it! Can’t wait to put it to good use!

  14. AIRPODS SET– I want this! Love the different color options and you get a lot of bang for your buck with this one!

  15. BAREFOOT DREAMS ROBE– Here for it! Would love to have this! Comes in tons of colors!

  16. SLIP SILK PILLOWCASE– these are so much better for your skin and hair! LOVE mine! Matching HAIR TIES too, these come in a CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT!

  17. HOUSE SLIPPERS– I wear these every single day! Worth every penny and will grab another pair when mine wear out! SO good!

  18. I love and want this JADE ROLLER SET! I broke mine in half, but kept one piece to it and I keep it in the freezer. Feels SO good on your face and tons of benefits!

  19. SPLURGE WARNING- I’ve had my eye on this BLACKED OUT YSL BAG and this UNIQUE ONE (haven’t seen anyone with this) LOVE the color!!! Hey Ricky Hey!

  20. GUCCI CARD HOLDER– Great first designer brand item you will get TONS of use out of!

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