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We’ve struggled hard whether or not to share this story or not.. And ultimately decided if we could bring hope back into 1 single person out there and restore their Faith it’d be worth it. We recently announced our pregnancy and introduced our little fighter. Great emphasis on the “fighter” part. So here it goes.. This was our fight. On August 12th, 2014 I left Texas Fertility Center for what seemed like the hundredth heartbreaking appointment directing us to more obstacles. More money. More problems. More disappointment.. IVF was our only option. A 13 thousand dollar treatment? It had taken us nearly 3 years, countless appointments, prescriptions, procedures, tests, referrals, Doctors and thousands and thousands of dollars just to hear we had an option at all. To hear that our long hard journey was just the beginning of another broke me. Overwhelmed with labs, paperwork, test and information. I wasn’t ready for this journey. I barely made it to the elevator without completely breaking down.. And I cried the whole way home. Right then and there I did decide on one thing. That just because I wasn’t ready for this journey didn’t mean someone else wasn’t waiting for it. I was going to donate my eggs. I was dead set on it. I knew it would be painful, invasive and hard. The thought of giving instead of potentially losing was a lot more gratifying.
I was ready for this. I was built for this. Ultimately I had Faith it would be worth it. I knew with God on my side that somehow that life I gave would come back to me. If I could help at least 1 family out there that broke down on the way to that elevator – consider it done. I called the Fertility Center and told them there was going to be a change of plans. I’d be in touch. But first.. I flew off to North Carolina to meet my best friend for one last epic adventure before everything got real.. It was a trip of a lifetime. Little did we know the real adventure was already waiting for us when I got back. Here we are. Fighting strong.. I knew there was a reason we always rooted for the underdog, and I’m in love with the struggle of our story. In fact I’m thankful for it, because it is the struggle that always helps you stumble upon your strength. It is the beauty in the breakdown that makes you realize God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles, and a reward for your Faithfulness – So don’t you dare give up.

“Everything is possible for one who believes.”¬†
РMark 9:23

Thank you SO much for sharing Ashlee! God is in the business of miracles & I love how when we surrender our life over to Him, He takes control. His plan is always bigger & better than ours. I am praying & speaking life over you & your family & I am SO excited to love on that sweet blessing from above when he/she enters this world. I ask that you all keep Ashlee & her growing family in your prayers. Pray for a healthy, loving, & happy pregnancy. Pray for a precious healthy beautiful baby from above. Pray & speak LIFE. PS- I need bump pics like weekly! LOVE YOU FRIEND!

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