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Support: (v) 

1. bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.

(goodness I LOVE this one, to hold up… YES that is what we should be doing, helping to hold one another UP instead of down)

2. give assistance to, especially financially; enable to function or act.

 I’ve had this stirring for awhile now on this subject of “support” 

It began stirring a few months ago when I started our second business.

Then last week a friend posted “Describe yourself in three words” 

I’m honestly not sure what three words I used. & I am too lazy to go back & look (HA) BUT regardless of what I did or didn’t write I would say a word to describe me would be “encourager” which = SUPPORT.

I wish they would add this to the Love Language options. This is a way I feel loved but, it’s even more a way I SHOW love. 

I love to hear about dreams & visions & breathe life over them & then watch as God brings them to fruition. It’s truly this beautiful thing to witness as a dream is birthed. 

For example, a precious friend of mine who has a demanding full time career, serves at her church, loves her husband and is a Momma of 2 has had this vision of creating a candle company. Just this weekend I watched her birth that dream. This amazing woman who is respected in her career in the medical field had a dream to start a candle company & now here she is. & my house smells amazing because of it. She shared this vision/dream with me a few months ago. & while others told her it was a hard field to get into due to competition and yada yada yada I, plus many others, said; “GIRL GO FOR IT” I encouraged & I supported! Now that’s not to boast or say “look at me” that’s to say, BE A LIFE BREATHER. I was supporting & encouraging before I ever gave her a dollar!

My husband and I began our first business 6yrs ago so, I’ve been a witness to this thing called “support” now for years. Then at the beginning of this year I ventured out and began another business, a little fun hobby/side gig with my daughter. I’m not here to promote either. In fact I’m not even going to tell you what either are because that is not the point of this subject. 

You see that second definition up there of the word “support” says, “give assistance to, especially financially” What it DOES NOT say is “only financially” I think we get this mis-concept that the only way someone supports us is if they buy a product or service from us. Which by all means if someone has a version of a product you’re already using or want to use and you can support a friend, family member or Momma just at home trying to help her family then DO IT! But don’t think this is the only way support is shown, received or given. 

Support doesn’t always come in a dollar, sometimes it just comes in a word of encouragement.

I know tons of people.

Always have,

I’m still in my hometown (for now)

I have always considered myself a social butterfly.

Therefor I may not always know your name but, I can usually spot a face. 

With all the people I know and have known there are MANY that have never purchased a product or service I offer & NEVER will. I could choose to be offended by that. Or I can choose to believe that just because they haven’t purchased something from me doesn’t mean their not still cheering me on. & maybe their not, WHO CARES. I can think of many people I know out there hustling and grinding to make a difference for their family and have I purchased products or services from them all?


BUT you know what I am doing?

I am cheering you on.

I am on the sidelines.

Praying & Cheering that you are WINNING.

Because at the end of the day, until we get to walk through those pearly gates and see our Father aren’t we all just trying to make it?

I mean I LONG for the day where I get to meet Jesus & experience everything He has ever promised & joy & love & resources are all just endless. I mean we can’t even imagine because our little minds can’t even begin to comprehend the joy that is coming. 

But til then….

What do we do?

We love God.

We love people.

Loving people means supporting them.

Loving people means speaking life into their life.

Casting vision into their vision.

Dreaming with their dream.

Seeing your people WIN & WIN BIG.

This has taken a few years for me to grasp. I am sure 5-6 years ago I wasn’t cheering for anyone that wasn’t running with me or in the same direction as me. This is a area I feel like God has truly done a work on my heart & because of that I want to encourage you to allow Him to do the same in your life. There are women out there, & companies out there that the world would say I am competing with. 

I have personally decided that I am competing with no one.

But myself.

I am going to love people, even & especially those that DON’T love me. 

Does that mean I always have to like people & that they have to like me?

Not one bit.

But I will love them.

Sometimes from afar & sometimes up close & personal.

So this week when you see a friend posting about her business. Or when you see a friend start a business. Or maybe someone has shared a dream or vision with you lately. Speak life into them & into their vision. Take the journey with them. Walk along side them.

Be a voice of LIFE while others are DEATH.

If they have a product you could use then BUY IT. 

What if you buying that one product kept that Momma who loves being a SAHM home with her babies one more month? 

Why not?

Know though. 

Speaking LIFE is FREE. It doesn’t cost a thing &….

Support is NOT shown through a dollar. It’s shown through a voice. 


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