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Botox- purified form of botulinum, a neurotoxin causing botulism, injected in minute amounts

especially to treat muscle spasms and relax facial muscles in order to reduce wrinkles.


Basically, the secret to foreheads not moving for ages. 

Just kidding.

But, I am excited to share my experience with it! So, let me take you back to the very first time…

This past fall I was diagnosed with lupus (READ STORY HERE) after that diagnosis I decided to have my breast implants removed. (It really helps if you go read the story behind that) Dr. Clark Mooty and his office are who I chose to operate on me. After discussing the why behind my removal and just where my heart was now, compared to when I got my implants, I really felt pressed to no longer have implants. Dr. Mooty was so understanding and not once did he try to talk me out of my decision. Instead, he provided me with the best solution. While undergoing surgery I had Dr. Mooty give me some botox. With my lupus I felt like my face was beginning to look heavier, older and just unhealthy. On top of that I was LIVING with a constant headache, had been for years. I had seen my optometrist numerous times because I just couldn’t get rid of the headaches. 

During surgery Dr. Mooty added botox in my forehead, my “11” (the space between your eyebrows) and around my mouth where wrinkle lines were forming. He used a filler under my eye.

That was this past October. I was under the whole time so, I never felt anything. 

Time went on and around May-June I started noticing my forehead was beginning to move again BUT more than that my headaches were back. This is when I realized I really liked botox and it was a good solution for me. I called Dr. Mootys office and went in in July. I had my forehead, 11, and around my mouth done again. I did not do the filler under my eyes again because Dr. Mooty didn’t really feel it was necessary. I was grateful he was honest and really told me what I needed and what I didn’t need. 

Botox takes 4-7 days to fully kick in. So, when you leave you don’t immediately see the results but over those next few days it progressively kicks in and by day 7 you’re good to go! I’m over 2 weeks in now from this second round and my headaches are gone again. I can’t guarantee that will happen but, for me this has been the best thing for me. Living with a headache is awful so, I have been so grateful this has helped them to subside. 

I highly recommend Dr. Mooty and his office! They have been so wonderful to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with them. Dr. Mooty has so kindly offered to give all of my friends and followers a discount too on his services. Below are the discounted prices, his contact info and my creepy before and after photos! Feel free to comment or message me any questions you might have. 

A few frequent questions I have gotten so far:

  1. How many units did I need in my forehead? Ansswer: 17.5 (this will vary on every single person though)

  2. Does it hurt? NO. Uncomfortable, yes. But, painful… NO. 

  3. How long did it last? For me personally it lasted 8-9 months. This will also vary person to person

  4. Do you have to keep doing it once you start? NO. But, I think you will want to once you see the results, but you choose when you do and if you do.

  5. Do I wish I would have started younger? No and Yes. No because I just wasn’t ready, but yes because I could have subsided my headaches years ago.

If you are looking to try the services at a discounted price you will need to call Dr. Clark Mootys office at 806-797-6398 and use the code “MAGEN” when you call to make your appointment, so they know to honor the discounted prices:

  • BOTOX- $10 a unit (GREAT DEAL)


  • Other FILLERS- $75 OFF

These discounted prices are ONLY available for purchase until SEPTEMBER 1st! You can purchase now and use at a later date though if you would just like to take advantage of the discounted prices! Message me any questions you might have and please let me know how your experience is! Everyone that has gone so far has been so impressed and has absolutely loved Dr. Mooty and his staff and I know you will too!

Left Photo: BEFORE – Middle Photo: ONE HOUR AFTER – Right Photo: ONE WEEK AFTER


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