Brace Yo Self…. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

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Brace Yo Self Girl!




AUGUST 4TH- Last Day of Sale! All items back to full price August 5th!

The biggest Sale of the year is just a few weeks away! If you have never shopped the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE… it’s a MUST! For sure a sale I save for all year long and take full advantage of!

The NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE is unlike all other sales. With majority of sales you are purchasing out of season items or just items that maybe were overproduced and under-sold. With the N-SALE you are purchasing NEW SEASONAL items at a deeply discounted price, items that will go on to be BEST SELLERS! Which makes for the perfect time to do back to school shopping and/or prep for the fall/winter seasons. It’s also a great time to do some really early Christmas shopping, there’s always great gift options at a great price point!

This will be my second year to truly cover the SALE! My first time to shop the sale was three years ago, it’s actually one of the reasons I had decided I wanted to start blogging. I had just started following a few fashion bloggers and I started noticing they were each covering this big NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE.. we don’t have a store locally, so I knew I would have to shop the sale online and they provided this sense of urgency with how fast things would sell out.. so yo girl got the NORDSTROM CREDIT CARD!!

Let’s talk about the NORDSTROM CREDIT CARD for a second….

I honestly don’t encourage credit cards of any kind IF you know you will be tempted to make purchases that are not within your budget. SO if you know it’s not a good idea for you to get a card, DON’T get one! Seriously, just wait for the sale to open to the public. That’s honestly the only reason I got mine three years ago, card holders get to start shopping the sale a week or so earlier than the public. The card also does have perks, with me being a blogger now I do use the card and take advantage of the perks of being a card holder. I use it for my “monthly blogging budget” You can always get the card just to shop the sale early, you do NOT have to actually use the card to buy anything from the sale, you can truly just get one and never use it. You also get a $60 BONUS NORDY NOTE from now until July 1oth! (YIPPEEE) AS A CARD MEMBER, YOU get to EARN 2 POINTS FOR EVERY $1 YOU SPEND AND THERE ARE some pretty awesome benefits as you reach different levels with your card (Again, use discernment! Do not put yourself in a bad financial situation)



Some tips & tricks to have a successful SALE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE-

  • If you can get the card and not get in any financial trouble doing so, DO IT. Strictly so you can shop the sale early! Remember- you do not have to use the card at all to purchase anything, you just have to be a card holder!

  • Decide beforehand what YOU are looking for! For me personally, I am ALWAYS looking at the shoes FIRST!

  • Shoes, handbags, designer brands, and beauty deals are usually some of the first things to sell out! So grab those first!

  • FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS! This is one of the top reasons I LOVE Nordstrom! So place as many orders as your heart desires, don’t take your time adding multiple things to your cart, I promise things WILL sell out in minutes! Add to cart and CHECK OUT ASAP!

  • Worried about sizing? Order both sizes and ship back whichever doesn’t work!

  • SHOP ONLINE! The sale is WAY better online! PLUS you avoid chaos! PLUS you can do curbside pickup!

  • Make sure you are following me on INSTAGRAM to be updated on items I am buying!

I’m SO excited! This year I will be going into the store and doing try on sessions before the sale launches to the public! I can’t wait to share all of my favorite finds with you guys! I will have it all saved on my INSTA STORY HIGHLIGHTS!

I can’t wait to cover this years SALE!

**Friendly reminder, I do make a small commission for every sale that is purchased through my links. I ain’t trying to hide that. There is hundreds of hours that go into covering sales like this and honestly, my blog has become a way I can help to provide for my family. SO when I say “I APPRECIATE YOU” I mean it! I am truly SO grateful for every little purchase made through a link I share! It means more than you will ever know! Thank you for helping to keep this little dream of mine alive! 

NSALE 19… Here we come!

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