Dude Gift Guide

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Last, but certainly not least… the DUDES Gift Guide. For the special guys in your life. Majority, if not all, of the items I am going to share will be from NORDSTROM. There’s a few reasons why…

  • They carry almost any and everything.

  • They have FREE SHIPPING

  • They offer FREE RETURNS

  • Customer Service is LEGIT!

I think that’s enough reasons to keep going back. We don’t have one locally, so I have bought and shipped back numerous items. The process has always gone smoothly and I have yet to have any kind of bad experience. If you live near a Nordstrom you can shop my blog and then choose “in store pick-up” I believe some stores even have curb side. I just love NORDSTROM. SO… here’s some of my favorite finds for all the special guys in your life this season.

  1. WIRELESS HEADPHONES– Ricky is a HUGE fan of these and wears wireless to the gym! These are on sale right now too!


  3. KIEHLS SKINCARE SET– This might seem lame, but I think this is something some men don’t necessarily want to buy for themselves, but NEED. Ricky is huge into skincare, so he would really enjoy this.

  4. GLOVES– Every guy needs a good pair.

  5. NEW TENNIS SHOES– I LOVE these! Would be great for working out and everyday wear!


  7. PULLOVERS– Ricky wears these a lot and I love them!

  8. BLUETOOTH KEY TRACKER– I probably need this for myself too! Such a great and unique idea.

  9. EMERGENCY TECH KIT– Great if your guy travels a lot for work!

  10. DUFFLE BAG– We own this and Ricky & I both use it for traveling! LOVE THIS ONE too though!


  12. POLOS– Ricky prefers these for golfing, but also wears them with jeans or shorts in spring.

  13. CHANEL BLEU– This is what Ricky wears and I LOOOVE IT!

  14. HANGING TRAVEL KIT– I LOVE THIS! Ricky is always throwing his stuff in with mine, so he’s getting this!

  15. CYCLE LIGHTS– Great if your guy is a bike rider.

  16. LUGGAGE– I love the look of this one!



  19. UNDER ARMOR– One of his favorite brands to wear.

  20. BOXERS– He gets a new pack every year.

  21. ORIGINAL GRAIN WATCH– Ummm these are awesome. Especially THIS ONE!

  22. COLE HAANS– Make a killer dress shoe!

  23. FITBIT


  25. DRESS SOCKS– to match the Cole Haans.

Favorite places to shop for Rickys Clothing-

  • EXPRESS– Jeans & all his dress shirts are usually from here!

  • TJ MAXX– One of Rickys favorite places to shop! Get majority of his boxers, socks and belts here.


  • TARGET– They have totally stepped it up in the fashion department and online is even better!





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