I have had tons of request for a “go-to” post for dupes, a “dupe” is a designer inspired item. I know some people completely frown upon them, here’s how I feel. I have purchased dupe styles before buying the real item to make sure it’s a good size/fit for me. I personally no longer own any dupe handbags, I’ve bought them, but just never end up using them, so I gift them or resale them. The only dupe I do currently have is a belt and that’s just because I honestly don’t wear belts often. Oh and I have some designer inspired sunglasses 🙂

If you’re on the fence about splurging on a item, try a dupe first to make sure you will get the use out of it before you drop thousands. Like I said, spending hundreds/thousands on a belt just isn’t going to happen because I don’t get much use from them. I bought my first designer handbag in 2009, thats TEN years ago! I still have it and I still use it almost daily! It’s the popular LV Neverfull Bag that everyone owns, can’t recommend it enough! It’s served as my diaper bag, travel bag, work bag, and more! Designer brands are definitely something you have to save for, but they are also items you will keep for years! I get a new designer bag every few years instead of buying numerous cheaper bags each year. I plan on passing them down to Preslee too when she gets much older. Find a style/item you love and put it on your dream board 🙂 Until then, here are save options!

(PS-These tend to go in and out of stock frequently so I will update as needed)


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