Fave Baby Items- Walmart

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It’s truly such an honor to get to team up with WALMART! They are one of my most shopped retail sites with you guys! You love them!

 The month of August is National Breast Feeding Month, so this month I am sharing some of my favorite baby products with you guys! We are currently done with the nursing phase, but four kids later I have a few items I highly recommend!

No matter what your story with nursing is or isn’t, please know.. YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOTHER!!

No mom shaming here for bottles, nipples, or a little bit of both 🙂 You do you boo.

Here’s a few of my favorite baby items and some of Rushs nursery that’s currently available!

  • ROCKAROO– We LOVED this and Rush slept in it between his feedings! Majority of his naps were taken in this.

  • SHUSHER– You guys, we still use this and he’s 2. I bought it when I was pregnant and honestly didn’t expect much. OMG. Only way I can get the kid down for his nap or in bed is with this turned on!

  • CRIB– We have the black and natural wood combo, it’s currently sold out, but I LOVE the grey! It’s been a great for us! We are getting ready to convert it into a toddler bed now. Here’s a SOLID GREY option too!

  • OWLET– We did not have one of these and I wanted one so bad! If somehow we had another baby I would for sure have one!

  • ROCKER– I will probably own this forever! It’s so comfy and just so pretty I don’t know how I would let it go! We still rock in it and I plan on moving it to my office or a living space when we are done with it in Rushs room. We use a FUR FOOT STOOL with it!

  • COWHIDE RUG– We currently have a cowhide in the nursery now. We originally had a large JUTE RUG, but I loved the feel with the cowhide!

  • PAMPERS– This is the only diaper brand that has worked for us. All others caused irritation and rashes. Forever a Pampers fan!

  • BOPPY PILLOW– Pretty much lived with this thing on me at all times.

I’ll link a few more items below! Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!


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