Fit For the Life (Pt 3)

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So, we’ve talked Nutrition and we’ve talked Exercise. Now on to what could be my most very favorite piece of the puzzle… have I said that about all them… SUPPLEMENTS.

“Supplementation- the addition of an extra element or amount to something.” (def)

Like I have stated in my previous blogs I have been in this industry for years, I have been on all ends of the spectrum when it comes to supplementation. I believe what I believe now due to many years of research, using supplements, not using supplements, and choosing to be a part of one of the biggest health and wellness companies around. Keep reading, I am not here to promote my company on this post. I actually am not even going to mention it, if you find yourself wanting to know feel free to message me!

When I began my journey as a fitness instructor I had a “Anti-Supplements” mindset. I thought they were all bad and I had no desire to touch any of them. Majority of this opinion was formed out of lack of knowledge and zero research. I’m not even sure why or where I developed that attitude toward something I knew nothing about. Anyone else ever do this?

When we launched a boot camp program at the studio I was teaching at years ago we partnered up with a vitamin shop. I then went from “anti supplements” to “tell me what to take and I’ll take it” I honestly don’t even remember or know what I took but, I remember how they made me feel. And that was AWFUL. So, I then went back to “anti supplements” 

I didn’t use anything for quite some time. I was so frustrated though. I was teaching 10+ hours worth of classes a week, majority of those I worked out as well. So, I was putting in all the hard work. My nutrition wasn’t the worst but, looking back and knowing what I know now it most certainly could have been better. But, for all the work I was doing I should have seen amazing results. Instead I just hit a plateau. My body wasn’t changing. I was so exhausted from all the work I was putting in, and being a Mom to two under two, with a husband working 80hr weeks… usually out of town, I was run dry.

So, one day a friend gave me a product to help with my energy. She knew how skeptical I was of all products but, because I trusted her and she had energy and a body frame I desired I took the sample with hope that it would work. Sure enough I have been drinking that same drink now for 6+ years. So, let me tell you what I have learned for sure these last 6+ years when it comes to supplementation.

  • I 100% believe in them. But, I believe you have to find the good, safe, and effective ones. You have to know what you truly need and what you don’t. It’s important to see who develops the products and to see if they are tested for banned substances. I truly don’t remember the name of any of the products I first tried that made me feel awful but, I remember one of them being a product that they had to pull from under the counter that had way too much of something in it for my little body frame. It’s so important to know exactly what you are putting in your body and how much of it. So do research! Find out how long the products have been around, who formulates them, are they used in NFL locker rooms or by competitive athletes (I say this because then you know their tested for banned substances) 

  • They are gap fillers. No matter how great and clean you eat you are still going to miss a gap here and there. Supplements can go in and fill in the holes that your food can miss. If you need more magnesium, more calcium, more omegas, etc. supplements can fill in those gaps. Anyone that ever tries to encourage you to take something and not change your eating or better yourself is just trying to sell you something. Don’t fall for that gimmick. Supplements do not cure anything! Supplements do not give you overnight results and if they somehow do don’t expect to retain that long term. Supplements come along side good nutrition and exercise and fill in the gaps missed, they work alongside both, they do not replace either. 

  • Think of them in this way…. If you have somewhere to be you usually have two ways to get there. You can walk to your destination or you can drive. Both ways will get you where you want to go but, one is going to take you much longer. Supplements work the same way. You can get where you want to go without them but, it’s going to take you much longer and you will miss gaps that need to be filled along the way. Just by adding in a good probiotic and/or a Shake for breakfast you would see a significant change in your health. Weight-loss is a side effect of getting healthy. The goal is to get your gut health and insides healthy so the weight starts coming off and your overall health improves.

  • Find a program/product you can see yourself living out for YEARS. Like I said above, I have been using these products 6+ years. They’ve been around for over 25 years so it helps there’s a solid foundation. But the program I follow I have followed for 6+ years because it has become my way of life. It’s been the best lifestyle program for me. 

  • Stay consistent. You aren’t going to see results in one day. You don’t gain 100lbs in one day so, don’t expect to lose it in one day. Stay consistent on whatever product you choose. Give it at least 90 days. Alongside with your clean eating and any exercise you can do if you don’t see results in 90 days get with whoever is helping you on your journey and see what you can do differently.

Lastly, I truly believe you don’t know how bad you feel until you feel really good again. The first time I drank that energy and focus drink 6+ years ago I will never forget how amazing I felt but, in that moment realizing how crappy I had felt up until that moment. As a young mom of young babies it was one of those moments where you’re like “Mommas got her groove back y’all” It felt so good to feel good. I don’t ever want to lose that feeling.

I hope this helps give you some insight. Don’t write supplements off. Research some and then give them a try. I think a lot of people thing of “fat burners” or products you only use in the gym when they think of supplements but, they also range from calcium, magnesium, prostate support, etc. They can be just a great pro-biotic you should be taking! Find someone that has used them for years, ask what they would recommend for you depending on what goals you have set for yourself. 

And what better time than now? Headed into a New Year.

Please comment below or shoot me a email at [email protected] with any questions you might have. 

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