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It’s my most favorite time of the year! So why not share my most favorite people with you?

Family photos are a big deal to me! My husband will never understand why, but they are. Growing up we never did them, maybe that’s why I make such a big fuss about it? Most people do them for Christmas cards around this time of the year, I do it just because I like to compare every year with the last and how our family has grown physically and spiritually. Parenting ain’t for the weak, and it sure does take a whole lotta Jesus!

I love to look at the previous years and see how pregnant I was, how we added a new life in between, or how we just survived through that specific season of crazy we were in, etc. Photos tell stories. They help me to remember. With our cell phones functioning as our cameras and social media being where we share all our photos this is also a way I keep updated photos displayed in my house. I wish I was more intentional about printing more photos off of my phone and hanging them in my house, instead of just on social media. It’s a bad habit in my life for sure! So, when we take the time and spend the money on these professional ones I make sure they are printed. displayed, and many are gifted to our family. 

This year our kids are in the infant to “older kid” ages so, I was praying for weeks that we would be able to capture just one image when they were all smiling. Well….

I tell you what! We hit the gold mine this year. You know when you’re flipping through the prints and you’re like “Come on, let there be one…” this year we got TONS! Like, every time I would think “Yes! We got one! This is it!” I would scroll over only to feel the same way about the next! Our kids photo game was strong this year.. even down to baby Rushy! I couldn’t be happier! I gotta give credit where credit is due, our girl Tara Hobgood with “Tara Hobgood Photography” is pretty much the I had heard that she was like the baby whisperer, and that’s what lead me to her. A lot of photographers have found their gifts in shooting weddings and so I had been searching for someone who really was passionate about family photography! My friend, Emily Koontz… who is also a AMAZING photographer is who referred us to Tara! Emily is who I collaborate with for my blog photo shoots and lifestyle photos and so, I had mentioned we needed to find a family photographer and she sent us to Tara! I appreciated the fact she was honest with saying, “family photography wasn’t really where she was going with her career” BUT she knew a woman that was amazing at it! Now, thats “Boss Babes Supporting Boss Babes” right there. 

So we met Tara, the cutest little pregnant girl EVER! She was AMAZING to work with! Between talking to all my kids like they were her own with her soft spoken voice, to blowing raspberries to baby Rushy, and helping fix my hair in the wind…. this girl is so gifted! We loved getting to hear about the season of life she was in and how their family will be growing to a family of five very soon! I just love Gods sweet ordained appointments. So, if you are anywhere near Lubbock, Tx and like me you STRESS about family photos I want to encourage you…. 1. Don’t and 2. Call Tara Hobgood. We look forward to working with her for as long as we can! 

I picked out just a few of my favorite, there’s many more but, I didn’t want you scrolling for a hour! For family photos I like to pick out a main color (wine this year) and coordinating colors (blue, mustard and brown tones this year) and then I find mixed prints containing all! Not going to lie outfits this year were planned around my gorgeous velvet dress!

Shop Dress Here: (And it’s ON SALE NOW)




I pieced all the kids outfits together from big retailers to local boutiques and Ricky was so happy he already owned his whole outfit! He’s the saver not the spender… I happily take the other roll off his shoulders. HA!

I’m also sharing Tara’s website with you if you would like to take a look at her other work and get in contact with her! You won’t regret it, tell her the Reaves sent you! Many blessings in this time of year to you and your loved ones!



And of course a “REAL LIFE” one for you…. My wild child of course wanted nothing more that to throw sticks, rocks and leaves everywhere. I appreciate and always love the candid moments… even when they involve sticks flying at our faces. 

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