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Recently I did a poll on my Instagram Story asking what YOU were wanting for Christmas this year. What is that one thing on your Christmas list you are just kinda hoping your spouse/significant other shows up with this holiday season?

I am taking all of your answers from my recent Instagram poll and linking them here. 

I did this earlier this year and got a great response.

What I do is number each item. You can send your people the link to this blog and say, “Hey! #1, #5, & #9 are really things I am wanting this year!” Hopefully this helps you and them out. So many of your guys shopped the Mothers Day Gift Guide I did! The #1 selling item on that blog was my “name engraved rings” Which is why they will be linked here too! They were my favorite Christmas gift from my mother a few years ago! I know a lot of you own them, but if you don’t… you should! They’re precious and a just a really sweet gift!

As you’re scrolling through this guide, if something you really want isn’t listed, MESSAGE ME! I will make sure to get it added for you! 

You will click on each item that is BOLD & in all CAPS & that will take you directly to it. 

I will also include some local shops I work with and my discount codes in case you are wanting something from a local shop, will help your person to save a little while shopping!

  1. ENGRAVED NAME RINGS– I have all of my childrens names, but if you don’t have kids yet you could do your Anniversary Date, “I LOVE YOU”, etc. I LOVE personalized gifts, so you could make these really special! Affordable too, depending how many you want.


  3. HEATED TOILET SEAT– Can’t make this stuff up. It was on the “wishlist” I would HIGHLY recommend talking this one through before purchasing.

  4. LE CREUSET BRAISER– I LOVE this and wouldn’t mind getting one of these myself! (hint Ricky) More sizes and options HERE

  5. KATE SPADE PURSE– almost all of THESE are UNDER $300 and many ON SALE!

  6. NEW APPLE WATCH– I have loved having mine! I have the original one and wear it daily!

  7. LOUIS VUITTON HANDBAG– Before I stroke out, hear me out. There are some AMAZING options listed HERE depending on the style and price you are looking at spending. This is where I bought my first LV in 2010 and I still have it, still carry it, and it’s still in amazing condition! Make sure to read reviews, check feedback, and scroll through the pictures to double check for authenticity. If it’s too good to be true, it’s most likely a fake OR very very used! But do enough digging and you’ll know which ones are legit and which ones aren’t! Great way to get a great bag for a discount!

  8. CURLING IRON– It’s a splurge, but it’s SO worth it! I have had mine for YEARS and use it daily! Here’s a CHEAPER OPTION though that is REALLY good too, tons of hairdressers use this one!

  9. DYSON HAIRDRYER– Every girl wants one, especially those with long hair! Cuts your drying time down by a TON! When I get my hair done this is what my stylist uses on my extensions and I LOVE it! Much more quite that a regular dryer too!

  10. GUCCI BELT– They’re the biggest belt on social media right now! Here’s a few more options depending what style you are looking for, CLICK HERE. I personally recommend buying one there because shipping is free and returns are free! More affordable options HERE, just make sure you check reviews, etc.

  11. INSTAPOT– Every girl needs one of these!

  12. DYSON CORDLESS VACUUM– I REALLY want this one! What Mom doesn’t?

  13. NESPRESSO MACHINE– The best part of waking up…

  14. LIT VANITY MIRROR– I have lots of friends that use this one and LOVE IT! Under $30 too! More options HERE! Super affordable gift!

  15. MAKEUP BRUSH SET– Some of the best brushes! Under $40!

  16. MICHEAL KORS WALLET– I love this one! But here’s a bunch of other great options too! CLICK HERE

  17. WEIGHTED BLANKET– I have heard great things about these!

  18. KOPARI PRODUCTS– Can’t go wrong with any of them!

  19. DIFFUSER– This is actually the one I want! It’s SO pretty and very well made!

  20. SILK PILLOWCASE– I know this might seem silly, but it’s a big deal. Kinda. LOL. For me at least. Just go read the description on the page and then tell me it’s not a big deal to any girl! SO many benefits! I have been wanting to invest in one for years!


Below are local businesses I partner with. There were many items listed that can be found in these Small Shops SO I wanted to direct you there! I believe all of them have websites, or will ship regardless. My discount codes with each can be used in store or on their websites. If you have any trouble with any of them please let me know!


  • ALL ABOUT MOI- Discount Code “MAGEN20” -Sojara graphic flannels were a big request and some of the jewelry I wear from them.

  • J HOFFMANS– Discount Code “MAGEN15”- For all your Kendra Scott wants!

  • CARDINALS SPORT CENTER– Discount Code “MAGEN15” – For all your Texas Tech desires!

  • EYELASH EXTENSIONS– Discount Code “MAGEN10” – A HUGE want! I have gone here for almost a year now and LOVE it! One of my favorite services to have done! Get yo girl this treatment!

  • SIGNATURE BROWS/MICROBLADING– Discount Code “MAGEN”- Katelyn is the best of the best! LOVE this girl and you will too!

  • HAIR EXTENSIONS- Text or Call Lauren Pruitt for all your girls hair dreams! She’s who does mine and is the best of the best! 806-778-0871



I will continue to add to the list as I get more ideas! Please let me know if there’s something I missed that you want to see on here!



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