Girls Valentines Day

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Growing up as a little girl I remember every Valentines Day waking up to some kind of candy, stuffed animal, a card, or rose from my Dad. It always made my day! Honestly, when I moved out on my own and Valentines came around for the first time I remember being sad I didn’t have my Dads sweet little gift to wake up to.

With Preslee being the only girl we try to treat her to something special each Valentines Day, I even like for her brothers to make her something, buy her something, or just do something sweet for her. (You’re welcome future Daughter In Laws) As Preslee is getting older we have to be a little more creative and strategic, stuffed animals just don’t really do much for a 10yr old anymore.

I rounded up the TOP TEN things we are looking at getting Preslee this year. Ricky will also take a rose to school for her, no matter what, that will always be a big thing. I was super excited to team up with WALMART X Reward Style to share my top finds with you guys! WALMART is always sure to have something and it’s always affordable! Here are my TOP TEN PICKS for your favorite girl this season:

  1. SEQUIN BLANKET– We actually got Preslee this for Christmas and it was one of her most favorite gifts! Such a great one for UNDER $20! Has a few different color options too!

  2. HEART SEQUIN PILLOW– I mean is there anything that says VALENTINES DAY more?

  3. CRAYOLA SMART CASE– Santa brought this for the kids this Christmas and it’s been the BEST GIFT he could have given! I have thrown away so many broken crayons, dried out markers, broken pencils, because they were always just left out. This case has been AMAZING, everything has it’s own little home, and surprisingly my kids like LOVE that! Can not recommend this enough! Add a COLORING BOOK/PAGE to go with it!

  4. PRINCESS LIPGLOSS SET– Preslee HAS to have lipgloss/chapstick ALWAYS! She would LOVE this!

  5. DADDYS LITTLE GIRL NECKLACE– How sweet is this? And this MOMMY & ME ONE!

  6. SEQUIN BACKPACK/PURSE– Preslee LOVES carrying a purse/bag of any kind! How perfect is this sequin one? Under $20! Comes in multiple colors too!

  7. JOJO BOW– Preslees FAVORITE bows! Your girl will LOVE these! SO many fun prints/colors to choose from!

  8. STUFFED ANIMAL– The traditional cute stuffed animal and a box of chocolates is always a safe route!

  9. LOL ANYTHING– I still don’t understand these one bit, but I know the girls are all LOVING THEM! Preslee really wants THIS ONE! (ON SALE right now)

  10. BATH BOMB SETS– I mean I want this for myself! THIS ONE is perfect for Valentines!

Thank you WALMART X Reward Style for sponsoring this post, as always, all opinions are my own.

Some of my favorite pics of my favorite girl!

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