It Takes a Church

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So having four kids is crazy.

Yep, true story.

Absolute complete chaos.

& I would never change one thing about it.

When we enter into the public world people stop & stare. They make comments, they count heads, they wonder in their minds if we knew “what causes that”… Which I always love when people ask that cause I have a quick response to quiet their opinion.. “Yes, Jesus”

Insert blank stare. Slowly walks away.

I love my crazy crew.

It’s often been said, “It takes a Village”

I mean we’ve even got a trending t-shirt that says it that all of us Mommas love to sport with our cute denim shorts.

So, yesterday I made a quick trip into Mardels to find a book that is changing my life in this season (Jennie Allens- “Nothing to Prove” if you’re wondering) I couldn’t seem to locate it, and having all four kiddos with me this was meant to be a “get in & get out” kinda trip.

I quickly found someone working & asked if they could help me locate the book. This man, probably mid 50’s- early 60’s I’m sure could see the cry for help in my eyes. Like get me out of here before they destroy all of your hard work, as he had been dusting & organizing shelves.

As he began to help me search he said, “You sure do have a tribe with you” I said, “Yes sir, feels more like a village though”

He smiled & said, “You know people say it takes a village but you want to know what it really takes?”

Well of course I do wise one, share your wisdom is what I was thinking.

He responds, “It takes 2 people loving each other well & a church”


Wisdom bomb right in the middle of Mardels.

I told him he needed to make that into a t-shirt ASAP.

What a truth bomb.

It does take two people loving each other well & a church. AMEN BROTHER, AMEN.

I wanted to sit and just pick his brain, I plan on going back to find him. But with all four babies time was limited.

This truth bomb has not left my mind, I don’t think it ever will.

The absolute best thing we have ever done for our family was find a church home. Half of the prayer request I receive, half of the questions I get my first thought & response is, “Do you have a church home?”

May seem cliche, may seem like a easy way out. But it’s not.

It’s exactly what we all need.

A safe place.

With like minded people.

Admitting their just as messed up as we all are




God MOVES & flourishes through the church & it’s people. You want people to truly love you for who you really are, find a church home. You want people to help you raise your tribe & do it well, find a church home. You want people in your corner fighting for your marriage when times are tough, find a church home. You want to know people are suffering when you are suffering & rejoicing when you are rejoicing, find a church home.

This doesn’t mean you walk in every Sunday.

This doesn’t even mean you are a faithful tither.

What this means is you have found a small group of people within your church that are intentional with spending time together, letting down walls, getting raw & real & working through this thing called LIFE. These are your people.

They don’t come overnight.

& man you better be praying for them.

I prayed for YEARS for God to bring me my people.

He delivered, not in my time, but in His.

& while I was waiting you know who my people were?

Jesus & Ricky (my husband)

Years later our family has a church home, a group of people that are fighting for our family DAILY. Loving our family DAILY.

Does this mean they agree with everything we say or do?


Does it mean they always like us?

Not necessarily.

But man do they love us! And because of this thing called GRACE they see past all the flaws. They are on the mountain tops with us but most importantly their in the trenches.

Our kids are young so, our troubles & trenches seem to be potty training & disobedience. & I would pray that’s as far as they go.

But I am confident when the suffering comes our church home will be right there with us. No matter where we are.

Because it takes two people loving each other well & a Church,


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