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I can officially say it! My favorite season is here! It’s been raining the past few days, putting the temps in the 60s-70s around here and man it makes my heart SO happy! We’ve needed the rain and I will take these temps with it! Every year when the fair rolls through town it kind of lets my heart know, Fall is here. Bring out all the sweaters ladies! The time is NOW! I have so many fall trends I am loving this year! 

And the list goes on! Please let it never end! I could totally live somewhere where it was Fall year round… does such a place exist? Check out some of my recent favorite finds/purchases! PS… Family photos are coming up (I will have a blog on this) and a lot of these options would be PERFECT! I always pick my outfit first, call me selfish… doesn’t bother me. I am the most picky/difficult so, it makes sense and makes the process easier. From there I go to Preslee and then the boys. Ricky is usually really easy. He’s almost always in a solid shirt, jacket, and good denim. Ok… more to come soon, but have that in mind as you scroll through!

  • ANIMAL PRINT BLOUSE wearing here! SO soft and just a good piece to have this season… because animal print is IN!

  • SPLURGE DENIM… LOVING this new brand I just found! The hi-low hem on these is just so fun! Super cute with booties or heels!

  • If you don’t own a BLACK SOCK BOOTIE by now, these are them!

  • TONS of you went crazy over these HEELS I shared last week… I promise they don’t hurt your feet! Surely you know by now I don’t buy anything I can’t walk in!

  • Favorite SPLURGE DENIM this season… I now own the light wash and the dark wash… they’re that good!

  • This MAXI DRESS is on the way! UNDER $35 and can not wait to pair it with boots and a cardigan! SO good!

  • Ordered THIS ONE too because I have a problem. Under $50!


  • Just got this $45 Dress to wear in one of our family shoots! Pairing it with my thigh high boots and a big hat!

  • Want this LIGHT BROWN BLAZER, color is SO good for fall! I would pair it with graphic tees &/OR a solid black on black look!

  • Ordered this $24.99 SWEATER in the turquoise color! (this whole collection is SO good)

  • Just got these BOOTS in and they’re SO comfy and one of my new favorites! The color is GORGEOUS, it’s like ivory… not true white!

  • $19.99 SWEATER– I’m going to order the Light Beige color!

  • Where I buy all my BIG HATS

  • THIS ONE is on the way to my house! $19.99! These prices are LEGIT! I almost ordered a IDENTICAL sweater for over $120… SNAG THESE guys!

  • Ordered this BOW BLOUSE to go under Blazers!

  • Love this LAYERED NECKLACE for $6.99!

  • BEST BODYSUIT and SUPER affordable! One of my favorites, own a few of them in case I get one dirty… more like WHEN I get one dirty!


  • Just got THIS RUST ONE in! It’s SO cute in person!

  • I am in love with this SET and THIS ONE (selling fast)

  • Have had these SLOUCH BOOTS in my cart for weeks!

  • I invested in THESE BEAUTIES because I have a discount code “MAGEN20″… Good on the WHOLE SITE

  • My newest VANS that I’m excited to wear this fall!

  • Own these THIGH HIGH BOOTS and LOVE them!!!



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