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I am going to be doing monthly recaps from here on out of the top ten items you guys purchase each month. It’s always so fun to go back and see what you guys loved the most and what you didn’t. LOL Here were the top ten items purchased in the month of January 2019.

#10. $30 LEOPARD SNEAKERS– The perfect and most affordable GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKER DUPE!

#9. MENS SALE SNEAKERS– These Under Armor Sneakers have been a HUGE hit for the special guys in your life! Ricky owns a pair and LOVES them! The price point is SO good! Here’s a few other items I got him that were on sale too!

#8. MY STUDY BIBLE– Not going to lie, this made my heart SO happy! SO neat to see how many of you purchased a BIBLE in January! I hope you are enjoying it and diving in daily! I provided this link for those that do not live near a Mardels or Lifeway, if you do, check there too! I LOOOVE my Bible!!!

#7. FREE PEOPLE BODYSUIT– AND it’s on sale right now for $39! I wear a XS in this! It’s SO gorgeous on! Cami underneath has adjustable straps.

#6. TWO TONE CARDI– UNDER $50 right now too! You can wear this SO many ways! One of my favorite finds last month! I wore it buttoned up like a dress to church one weekend and then afterward, unbuttoned it, added a white tee, denim shorts, and sneakers to run to Costco. TONS of options! SO FUN!

#5. ACRYLIC MAKEUP ORGANIZER– I have LOVED having this! Gives me SO much more counter space and just helps with organization! You can even take it apart and stack it differently if you prefer. Fits everything perfectly!

#4. $15 BASIC TEE– TONS of you grabbed these in numerous colors! One of my favorite basics, I wear the size SMALL in this one! Ships for free too!

#3. CHEAP BAND TEES– SO many on sale for UNDER $10 and other affordable options!! Love that you guys love a good band tee! They’re SO perfect moving into Spring and Summer!

#2.$17 SWIMSUIT- Own this and LOVE IT! Comes in numerous colors! I wear the Medium in this suit! Everyone that has purchased this has l0ved it and I know a few of you own it in multiple colors!

#1. JUICER!-  I knew this would be #1! HUNDREDS of you bought this in January! I use it DAILY! Juicers can get SO expensive, it wasn’t really a item I wanted to spend hundreds on, so for $50 it is LEGIT!!!


Thank you so much for shopping through my resources! It means more than you know! This past year it has been such a joy getting to share things we love and use! Your support is more than appreciated and I can’t wait to see what all the top sellers are for 2019! Have a amazing week! As always, please message me if you have any questions!

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