Jesus Calling

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We read our kids the Jesus Calling Kids devotional every night before bed time. 

Never fails, He speaks to me through their devotional every night.

Tonight their devotional spoke about not judging people. We hear it, we say it… all the time. But, do we actually do it? Do we give grace where grace is needed? Sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes we aren’t judging at all. Sometimes the person “feeling” judged isn’t really being judged, they’re just feeling conviction. Big difference. Do we admit that, usually not. We just choose to get offended & play it off that we are being judged. 

Tonight though their devotional spoke a lot about judging others, which I am guilty of & constantly praying that God will continue to soften my heart & control my words & thoughts. Pray it through. BUT the devotional also spoke of


It said something along the lines of… “You are not called to judge others & this is including yourself, only God can do that” 

I have never up, until tonight stopped to think about how bad I judge myself. Like constantly. I beat myself up daily. I got some freedom tonight in that little devotional. I’m thankful God used that to speak to me. Give yourself some grace. Remember God is the only one that can judge any of us, including ourselves. There’s freedom in knowing that right? Like, I don’t have to judge myself. God will do it for me. He’s the only one that can. Good news! 

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