Mothers Day Gift Guide

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Thought I would help all my sistas out and create a simple gift guide that you can shop from for your Momma OR you can use to send to the spouse/hubby to maybe drop some ideas. Honestly, gift buying can stress Ricky out. It’s not his love language, but it’s my second one so, he knows it means something to me. Even if it’s a item I may or may not have sent him and bluntly said “Buy this” HA! For real though, he actually has always appreciated any help I can give. I typically list out 3-5 items I might need or want and then tell him where he can find each and say “surprise me” Win/Win for both parties!

Each item will be listed with a number, so you can simply send the link of this post to whomever and say, “I love #1, #6, #8, etc” Hope this helps make things a little more simple for you and your spouse/kids! I wrote a post on Mothers Day last year for any of my friends that are experiencing their first Mothers Day without their Mom and for those that are still longing to be called “Mother” You can read it HERE. You are seen and I am praying for you in the midst of any heartache!

Here are some of the previous best sellers for Mothers Day and something I am personally sending Ricky…

  1. ENGRAVED NAME RINGS– These have been a best seller for YEARS! I have each of my kids name. I get asked about these all the time! My Mother gave me mine for Christmas right after we had Rush, one of my most cherished gifts ever!

  2. HOUSE SLIPPERS– I wear mine every single day! They’re falling apart and disgusting! I have wanted a new good pair for awhile so, hint hint Ricky! These are UNDER $20 if you need a more affordable option and come in numerous colors!!

  3. INITIAL NECKLACE– I love dainty jewelry. Could layer this with lots of other pieces!

  4. DYSON HAIRDRYER– LOVE MINE, like a lot!

  5. PERFUME– Current one I am wearing and loving!

  6. BLANKET– Y’all! I LOVE this! My kids know that this is “Mommys blanket” it’s SO soft! Would make such a great gift for any occasion! Comes in a few colors, best blanket you’ll ever own!

  7. GUCCI HANDBAG– I LOVE this bag! Want this one in the black or nude color. Major splurge item, but a good designer bag to start with.

  8. JEWELRY STAND– If you own and love necklaces, this is such a great piece to have! Stores all of mine and love that I can separate them based on length, helps so much when I am trying to layer a few together! Under $35 too!

  9. MAKEUP ORGANIZER– If you love make-up and lack a lot of storage space for it all, this is amazing! Fits all of my makeup that I use day to day and doesn’t take up all of my counter! Great quality and very affordable!

  10. GUCCI BELT– The Insta famous belt if you’re looking for a splurge item.

  11. SUNGLASS STORAGE CASE– Keeps all my Amazon sunnies stored perfectly. Would be SO cute to even fill with some, I’ll post all my favorite ones below that are under $25!

  12. SKINCARE COOLER– Some skincare items are just better cold. Cutest little cooler to store them in on your vanity or bathroom counter! I love my JADE ROLLER cold.

  13. WOMANS STUDY BIBLE– Get her name engraved on it too! Such a special gift! I love my study Bible!

  14. KENDRA SCOTT NECKLACE– Pick her favorite color or birthstone for the stone option. Classic and timeless piece.

  15. $20 SILK PILLOWCASE– Sleep on mine every single night! They’re suppose to be good for your hair and face/skincare.

  16. KNIFE SET– I actually just got these and LOVE them! Under $20 and the colors are so fun!

  17. MAMA RING– OMG this is SO cute!

  18. WIRELESS HEADPHONES– If she loves the gym or has lots of business calls, these are amazing!


  20. TORY BURCH FLIP FLOPS– BEST SELLER that every girl wants! Can’t go wrong with these, I would go with her favorite color or black or tan to be safe!

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