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Last September when I began this while “blogging” journey one of the very first things I decided to write about was my experience with having my eyebrows microbladed. If you want to head over and read it before reading this one, CLICK HERE.

It has been about 9-10mths since having my eyebrows done. The last few months I was having to fill my brows in due to some fading. I needed a touch up. I decided to branch out and look at some other technicians in our area, for multiple reasons. I went to my little Facebook group and asked for names for recommendations. Upon doing so I was give “Cosmetique by Kate” AKA- Katelyn Shook.

I went and stalked her Facebook/Instagram page for pics of her work. I was instantly blown away with how great all her before and after photos were. After doing a intense amount of creeping I reached out to her regarding my situation and what I was looking for. She sat me up with a free consult, so she could see what state my brows were currently in.

I went to see her and let me just say I was IMMEDIATELY impressed. Girl knows her stuff. She’s a perfectionist, she’ll even tell you she’s a little OCD in her technique…. and with something semi permanent on my face I was TOTALLY great with that! I knew during our consult she was 100% legit and super passionate about what she does. She took her time explaining to me what exactly we would need to do and how different the service she provides is.

With me having my brows previously done by someone else, Katelyn did extensive research and even reached out to other professionals in her line of work to see what the best option for me would be. After she had consulted and researched she actually made me wait a month or so before coming in… this was just another reason I knew she truly cared about taking care of me! My eyebrows needed a little more time to heal before she put her signature touch to them.

So, after waiting about a month, we set my appointment. Katelyn decided the best option for me would be her “Signature Brow” Katelyn is the only person in Lubbock, TX as of right now that offers this service-

“The Signature Brow is the tattooing of individual hair strokes performed with a cosmetic tattoo machine. Creating a much darker and bolder brow than microblading. The Signature Brow last longer and is less trauma to the skin. Katelyn combined all of her training to develop this technique. Cosmetique by Kate is the only permanent cosmetic company in the Lubbock area that provides this exclusive artistry” -Katelyn

If you read my first post I tried to describe the pain level to a extent that I didn’t run you off because I obviously made it through it. BUT…. my experience with Katelyn was TOTALLY different! I felt close to nothing at all, even on the first pass. Her numbing cream is DA BOMB and she goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable during the entire process. She also will have you look in the mirror after every pass to make sure you are happy with the direction she is going, I loved this because we actually tweeked a few things as we went. Katelyn is just a absolute sweetheart, I felt comfortable with her from the moment I met her! She also takes the most natural route possible when it comes to her service. The products she uses are Vegan and like stated above the whole procedure itself is much less traumatic on your skin! I could tell just by the procedure alone, but also in the healing process. In my previous experience the peeling was pretty intense, chunky flakes would come off all at once. With this procedure I had little to no peeling and the healing process was barely even noticeable. Another great thing… it’s semi permanent! So, if in a few years it’s trending to have no eyebrows or something, you can always make changes. LOL

I can’t say enough good things about Katelyn and her service. I would recommend her to any and everyone! She truly took such great care of me and her passion for what she does shines through her work! I know without a doubt you will see exactly what I am talking about if/when you meet her!

Katelyn is offering FREE consults for anyone that is interested and if you mention my name “MAGEN” she will give you 25% off whatever service you decide to go with. She offers other services besides brows. Her info is listed below, go check her out! I know you won’t regret it!

I will go in for one touch up in the next month and then I will be good to go for quite some time! I am SO pleased with my results and haven’t had to touch my eyebrows one time! Girl delivered EXACTLY what I was looking for!


Katelyn Shook- 432-847-9499

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