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With our recent move I decided to completely change up our bedroom. I wanted to go with something a little more on the “boho/eclectic” side. I also had a goal to make it a affordable makeover. I wanted every thing I purchased to be under $300! So far, I have achieved that! There’s still a lot I want to do to this room! I honestly am very pleased with everything we have purchased, the only item I may not recommend would be our duvet cover and I will explain why below. If you want to see what our old room looked like I have a full blog post on it, CLICK HERE FOR THAT!


  • CANOPY BED– This has been the item I have gotten the most questions about, I think the amazing price has people questioning the quality. We have had our bed now for a few months and I have nothing bad to say about it! The durability and quality are great, it comes in black too if you aren’t a gold fan, and canopy beds are IN right now! THIS ONE is the one I would eventually like to get, it’s a SPLURGE for sure, but I LOVE the unique look! I like THIS OPTION as well!

  • BOHEMIAN RUG– This was the most expensive purchase in the whole room, but I LOVE it! I was worried it was too big when we un-rolled it, but I LOVE how big it is and the colors are GORGEOUS! I will say it’s listed as “navy” but I personally feel it looks more dark purple than navy. I didn’t mind though, if we decide to change things up I think it would make a amazing living room rug, so I plan on having it for a long time! SO many good and affordable options listed HERE!

  • ORANGE POUF– SO, I actually purchased one of these off of a local “buy, trade, sell” page. I originally purchased it for a ottoman in Rushs room. I happened to just throw it in our room at the foot of the bed and I loved how it looked with the rug. So, I hunted them down online and looked for the cheapest place to buy another. I had no idea how expensive they were full price, I for sure scored a deal on the first one. I bought a second though to match and I love having them at the foot of the bed. They are very durable and very high quality. They come in a few colors too, I love the unique thick stitching as well.

  • DOT DUVET– So I LOVE this, but I don’t know if I would 100% recommend it due to the price vs. quality. The black dots are stitched, we have had it a few months and the stitching has come loose/snagged in numerous places. We decided to keep it but just beware if you purchase it this might happen. Make sure to purchase a DUVET INSERT as well!

  • WHITE QUILT– Our is a old one we’ve had, but this one is very similar and only $25!

  • LARGE CORAL THROW PILLOWS– I LOVED the fringe detail on the corner of these. I originally only purchased two, but the more I looked at it decided I really needed three to go all the way across. I love the velvet coral coral! SO fun and love how big they are!

  • WHITE DESK– I found ours at Homegoods, it’s actually Preslees. Her current room doesn’t have room for it though so we are borrowing it! Here’s tons of similar options though, SIMPLE WHITE DESK OPTIONS. PS- just upgraded to this $60 WIFI PRINTER if you’re in the market! It’s LEGIT!

  • BAR CART– They’re all the rage right now! This one is so affordable! I keep moving it back from our room to the living room, still undecided and need to finish decorating it!

  • BOHO BASKET– I am using this to store Rickys free weights right now!

  • $10 UVA STALK– I LOVE these! Fair warning, they shed like crazy! I have drenched mine in hairspray to help that! I have some in my living room and in my bedroom! I got these TALL VASES to store them, LOVE how they look!

  • WHITE CONSOLE TABLE– Ours is a exclusive “At Home” purchase, so check your local store! I linked similar options!

  • JEWELRY T-BAR– I love using my jewelry and hats to help decorate. This T-Bar is AMAZING! High quality and the different layers allow you to store SO much in one place! HIGHLY recommend this!

  • COW CANVAS– I want something like this above our bed!


  • MIRROR NIGHTSTANDS– Ours are a another “At Home” find, but here are similar and affordable options.

I will update this post as we continue to update our room, as always let me know if you have any questions or need help/advice with any specific item!



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