My Fave Beauty Finds with Nordstrom

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I am SO excited be teaming up with NORDSTROM to share some of my favorite Beauty Finds this season!

NORDSTROM has been one of my favorite places to shop for years now! I love that I can shop so many of my favorite brands at one place!

With the holidays coming up I wanted to put together a list of some of my top beauty and hair products! I’m asked pretty frequently about what lip combo I am using and what my favorite hair products are, so this will be a great place to visit and snag them when/if needed. You could also add some of these to your Christmas lift – many would make great stocking stuffers!



  1. BRONZER – This became my new favorite bronzer this year! I wear the shade “TAN” It’s huge and a little goes a long way! I love using this to contour!

  2. BLUSH – I went with the “Intense” shade – I have a darker complexion, so preferred this color palette with my skin tone and for the fall season.

  3. LIP COMBO – This is my everyday go to lip combo – they dropped it in a fun little set for the holiday season! Great buy and this color combo is seriously so good on every skin tone! I use the liner and lipstick everyday!

  4. RED LIP – Everyone needs a good red lip for the holiday! I just snagged this YSL one and cannot wait to try it!

  5. BROW KIT – I don’t have to do much with my brows being micro-bladed, but ANASTASIA is one of my top brands to use for brows! This BROW KIT comes with everything you need to get a killer brow – especially if you are still learning how to do them, this kit is a great place to start!

  6. EYESHADOW – I love these tones for the fall! Great smokey eye option or everyday option as well!

  7. FOUNDATION – If you’re looking for a foundation that will last ALL DAY – this is it! I wear the shade “BUFF” I have LOVED DOUBLEWEAR for years – I have a combo skin type and I love the way this looks. It’s creamy and has great full coverage without feeling like you have a pound of makeup on your face!

  8. MIRROR – I use this mirror everyday to get ready with! Love that it travels well too!




  1. CLEANSING BALM – I recently started using this to take my makeup off. I double wash now and this has become “step 1” for me. I LOVE the smell and the whole “balm” concept. This does a great job of removing your makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

  2. EYE REFRESHER – I have used this eye balm stick for over a year now. I personally love this to apply right when I wake up and if my eyes need a little mid day pick me up – I just apply this. You can use over or under your makeup.

  3. MAKEUP ERASERS – These little clothes are great to wipe your face down with before washing. I like to take these with me when I travel – I’ll try to wipe off what I can before using the CLEANSING BALM – this really helps to make sure you get off ALL makeup!

  4. JADE ROLLER – I keep mine in the freezer! I LOVE to use this on my face right when I wake up and/or right before bed time! Keep it in your fridge or freezer, the cold factor really wakes your skin up!

  5. DAY CREAM – I have really become a fan of anything “Collagen” as I have gotten into my mid 30’s. I started using this cream about a week ago and have noticed my skin is definitely more soft and just has a better texture to it! I’m excited to see what kind of results I see over the next few months with this. 

  6. LAMER – I was so excited to see this little set drop! I snagged it to finally give the famous LAMER brand a try! I have SO many friends that rave about this brand, so I will keep you guys updated as I try it out!

  7. FACE MASK – I have had some breakouts the last few weeks from having to wear a mask, so I snagged the new SILK MASK to help to prevent breakouts and it’s SO good y’all! It’s super soft, doesn’t rub your face, you can adjust the straps and it comes with extra nose pieces! Cannot recommend this mask enough! Comes in fun colors/prints too!



  1. SILK PILLOWCASE – I LOVE my pillowcase! I was told about a year ago to invest in a SILK PILLOWCASE for my hair and also skin! 

  2. CURLING IRON – This is the next hair tool I am investing in! I have seen a lot of girls raving about it!

  3. DE-FRIZZ SPRAY – If you struggle with frizz, GET THIS! I started using this a few months ago and I LOVE IT! Cannot beat the smell either!

  4. DRY SHAMPOO – How cute is this dry shampoo bundle? One of my favorite Dry Shampoos I own! Great Christmas gift idea – or split them up and use as teacher/friend gifts!

  5. DYSON HAIRDRYER – I think I have had mine for almost 3yrs now and it’s still like new! 

  6. TEXTURE SPRAY – I bought this during the Nordstrom Sale and have since become a HUGE fan! It works SO good and the smell is amazing! (Can you tell smells sell me?)

  7. OLAPLEX BUNDLE – GREAT deal! And I LOVE to sleep in their conditioner like once a month! Great treatments for your hair!

  8. HEAT PROTECTANT – I use this before I blow dry my hair and before I curl it! Another great smelling product!

  9. HAIR CAP – I wear one of these when I sleep with a deep conditioner in my hair. I do this 1-2x a month

  10. BRUSH – I own 3 of these. One of my fave hair brushes, especially with extensions.

As always, feel free to message me with any questions regarding any of the products above! All opinions are of my own and thank you Nordstrom & Reward Style for sponsoring this post!


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