Preslees Big Girl Room

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My first born, only daughter, and queen of the castle… Preslee, turned 10 this past year. For her 10th Birthday we decided we wanted to do something special for her. So, we upgraded her room. It worked out perfectly too because we were moving into our new house at that time. So she got a new room all around. I gave up buying super expensive furniture and home decor long ago. Having four kids, there is NO point, especially with three boys! So, when I began to look for Preslees bedroom items I wanted them to be affordable. Everything we purchased is under $250!  I wanted her room to be something she could grow with, at least until she’s a teenager and becomes very opinionated. We surprised her on her birthday with her new room and she LOVED it! I loved it so much I kind of took the concept into our bedroom, I’ll be sharing all of that in a blog post too! If you haven’t heard, canopy beds are going to be HUGE this year! I loved that hers is SUPER affordable! I also love how fun the mixed prints and colors are, you get this boho/eclectic vibe from it all.. which is for sure my style! I still want to upgrade her nightstands, I just haven’t come across any I love and we will also be switching out her dresser soon for a more upgraded one. Here is what we have got so far! I’ll have to update this post as we change things out!


  • CANOPY BED– We have the Queen Size in the Black Finish. It does also come in a Gold and White. I loved the gold, but it has been sold out in the Queen size since I started looking last year. It’s under $150 and VERY durable! The only warning I will give you is do NOT let your boys hang from the top canopy bars, it will bend them! Thankfully Kanon lived to see another day after Ricky was able to bend it back. But seriously for the price point, this bed is amazing! I love that it’s a platform bed too, so you don’t have to buy a box spring, just set a mattress on top and you’re good to go!

  • POLKA DOT COMFORTER– This is the one item I would say I “splurged” on. I honestly didn’t mind because it’s machine washable. The day after we put it on, Blain threw up all on it, took it off, threw it in the washer and let it air dry. Like new! I LOOOVE it! I almost got it for our room too, but went with a different one (recommend this one though, do not recommend ours)

  • AREA RUG– I am OBSESSED with Preslees rug!! Another piece I almost ordered for our room, but didn’t want two of the same rug if we decided to move it to another room. so did something different in our room! The price for this size though is SO good! We have the 6X8 option, UNDER $85!!! CLICK HERE for a bunch of other options I LOVED/looked at getting!

  • BLACK QUILT– Preslee gets cold at night so we added this black quilt above her sheets and under her comforter! It’s under $20!

  • STRIPE VELVET PILLOW– One of my favorite pieces of her whole room, a throw pillow. I LOVED the colors though and the size. Theres a few other options as well and so many good throw pillows to choose from! I loved mixing these colors with the POLKA DOT COMFORTER!

  • CLEAR UNDER BED TUBS– One thing I was worried about with the CANOPY BED was the underneath looking awful, but it’s actually made us stay more organized and makes the room looker bigger in my opinion. These under the bed tubs have been amazing for storing everything, I even bought extra for under our bed and the boys beds.

  • MODERN DRESSER– This is the dresser I am wanting to add to Preslees room! I love the brown and white contrast of wood! We currently have a old refinished one that just needs to be passed on to someone else. I plan on grabbing this one soon and the price point is AMAZING! Will look so cute with some fake plants beside it!

  • NIGHTSTANDS– This is the style I am going for, but would like to find a cheaper option since they’re for a kids room! I have thought about grabbing these for our room and moving our current ones to Preslees room! I love THIS OPTION too, but again, want a better price point.


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