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LONG overdue! I have had so many request for this blog post! Skincare is not something I take lightly, I didn’t want to just throw something up without being able to back it or really share my experience and opinion with it all. Majority of what I am going to share I started using back in November/December, so I have been on this regimen now for 2-3 months. I felt like that was enough time to form a opinion and share what I am using and loving!

My hormones have been EVERYWHERE for the past 3-4yrs. I believe majority of the breakouts I experience are internal, not topical issues. My testosterone has gone from a 25 to a 325. The only place I really tend to have bad breakouts is my chin. From the research I have done and from what I have been told this is usually a sign up hormone issues. SO I am chalking getting hit with the “zit stick” these past few years to that. I’ve honestly taken it all pretty hard. Growing up I always had great skin. I was even looking back at photos to when my kids were younger and my skin looked great, I spent most days without any makeup and felt confident in that. Now, not so much. Because of the amount of blemishes I have had and the insane amount of “picking” I have done (I know it’s the worst thing I can do, no need to tell me) I now am not only insecure about the blemishes, but also the scarring. At this point I do not feel confident at all leaving the house without some kind of coverage on my skin. I hate it! I am working harder than ever to get my great skin back! So I’m going to share all I am doing and what is working for me currently….

I will start by saying I do get botox 1-2x a year. I typically just do my forehead and my “11” So that is why I don’t have many wrinkles there. I previously have had the under area of my eyes filled and I LOVED it! Really want to do that again! I also have had the lines around my mouth done, but that’s been almost 2yrs ago. Just want to be transparent with that, I do get wrinkles, I do have wrinkles, I just shoot them up and I ain’t mad about it. I’m all for preventive treatment and anything that might slow down the process…. I mean isn’t that why we are spending crazy amounts of money on creams? Just my opinion. Do you boo ūüôā

I also want to make sure and share that this past December I began drinking celery juice every morning and truly feel like that is just now starting to show some results! So, if you’ve been testing it out, stick with it!!! You can read my whole blog post on celery juice and the benefits¬†HERE!

So I will start with my night-time routine first because that’s been my biggest focus lately-

  1. When wearing makeup I am using my TULA CLEANSER almost as a makeup remover. This has been something I have recently changed, I use to just wash my face once when I had make-up on, but recently I started washing it twice when I have make-up on. I feel like this has made a huge difference! So, I use the TULA CLEANSER first. Then I wash my face again with this PROACTIVE DEEP PORE CLEANSER, I love this stuff! We have used it for years! You do have to be cautious though because it can dry your skin out bad. I think using the TULA products has helped this to not happen with me! (Keep reading I have a discount code for the TULA PRODUCTS I will be sharing)

  2. After I have cleansed my face I use this¬†ACNE CLEARING TONER, I have LOVED this product and was SO excited when it launched!!! I also use this¬†SERUM¬†on my scars, it’s currently sold out, but should restock soon!

  3. I rotate between a few eye creams and I love them all!¬†THIS ONE¬†is probably the one I grab the most, it just leaves the under eye skin feeling SO smooth! I am OBSESSED with¬†THIS ONE¬†because the applicator is cold when applying so it feels amazing going on, I like to take this one with me when I go out of town! Another top favorite and top used is¬†THIS ONE, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s GOOOOD!!! I also keep¬†THIS EYE BALM¬† in my purse for touchups throughout the day, it’s insanely amazing!

  4. After I apply my eye cream I apply my moisturizer. I rotate between two and sometimes use both on different areas. I have a combo skin type, so sometimes I feel like what is best for my cheeks isn’t always best for in between my eyes. May be completely wrong, probably am, but it’s working for me. With all my breakout spots I use¬†THIS MOISTURIZER¬†and LOVE it, I really feel like it’s helped so much with my blemish control! For all other areas and especially dryer areas I use¬†THIS ONE, it’s SO hydrating and one of their top selling products!

  5. Lastly I just started using this¬†LIP MASK¬†and I LOOVE IT! I have super dry lips! Like, they’re SO bad!! I’ve only used this a few times now and I can for sure tell a difference!¬†THIS ONE¬†is super popular too!

Here are my two favorite mask right now-

  • Exfoliating Treatment Mask– this was one of the first mask I ever used! Ricky and I both love this one! It’s a great mask that I love to use about 2-4x a month! Your skin is SO soft afterward and it just feels SO good!

  • Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay– So I just started using this and I am OBSESSED!!! I have only put it on my blemishes so far and it has made a world of difference! The next day my blemishes had decreased drastically in size and the redness was almost gone! Y’all! SOLD! And the price point is LEGIT, this jar will last me forever!! We mixed it straight with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR¬†and then applied it with these¬†BRUSHES.

Morning Routine-


  2. TONER


I keep the morning super simple! The fact I even have a morning and night routine is huge for me. I use to be the girl that washed my face with a Dove Bar of Soap! That’s one thing I would tell my 20yr old self…”Girl Wash Yo Face.. and buy all the creams”

As for all of the¬†TULA PRODUCTS¬†you can use the code “MAGEN” for a discount on the whole site! I would recommend getting one of the STARTER KITS first to make sure you like it! There’s a few options and they’re all around $50! I actually keep one on hand for traveling, it’s the perfect travel size kit! Feel free to message me any questions, I will do my absolute best to help!

I also just ordered this¬†SERUM, I’ve heard it’s like botox in a bottle. The reviews are all SO good! It’s higher end, but at this point I am ok with investing in my skin. I will let ya know what I think about it once I start using it!

I hope this helps, again it’s a whole new world for me. A lot of trial and error and that would be the biggest advice I could give, TRY NEW THINGS! You’ll never know what works for you and what doesn’t if you don’t try it! I have also learned that I may like a cleanser from one brand and a toner from another. It’s ok to mix brands, in my opinion. Just find what works for you! And do that!

**I am gifted Tula products, but all opinions are my own and I was not compensated to share this post ūüôā¬†

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  • Amber Collins says:

    First, you are gorgeous! <3 Second, tell me more about your fillers under your eyes. I currently get botox and love it, but one of my biggest problem areas is my under eye bags. What type of filler did you get? What was recovery time? Did it hurt?

    • Magen Reaves says:

      SO I had a licensed plastic surgeon do it, Dr Clark Mooty do be exact. I actually had it done when I had my breast implants removed, you can find that story under my post “faith: it’s called “Free as a Bird” so… I can’t speak to pain level because I was knocked out. I believe they just use Juvaderm, could be mistaken though, ask whoever does your botox, I am sure they can help you! I did bruise a little for a few days, but nothing makeup couldn’t hide. I loved it and want to do it again soon!

  • Heather says:

    Hi Magen,
    I loved reading your blog because your so open and honest about your struggles. You are truly beautiful with or without perfect skin.
    Just curious, have you worked with a nutritionist or your health care provider on treating your hormones? Like you said, the outside is a reflection from the inside. I have read many benefits to having a healthy gut. It‚Äôs the one thing that we all need not just for good skin but for a healthy body. ‚ÄúHealth is wealth‚ÄĚ
    Stay the path girl. You inspire me to live healthier from the inside out. ????

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