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Hey Girls Hey!

So sorry I’ve been a little MIA on all the things! This past week + we have been getting our older three kids ready for school and I gotta admit, I am exhausted. I had this vision in my head of us all happily skipping through Wal-Mart, making sweet memories, as we school supplied shop for all three. Yeah. Far from. We wrecked shop. At one point I was eating straight Spark (energy & focus drink) just praying we would make it out with one thing on someones list. One thing with having a lot of kids… we constantly forget just how out-numbered we really are. Blain was running wild, Preslee was just on the hunt for all things glitter, Kanon had a serious melt down over a blue folder, and Rush would rip and open everything we threw in the cart with him. We were a real show.

Learning lesson- Next year we will take the kids separate and Rush will be with a sitter.

On a lighter note I can’t believe my oldest is going into the 4th grade! Only a few years left and then she will be off to Middle School! Blain is headed into second grade and we are, so excited! He has a amazing teacher and one of his sweet friends is in his class this year. Then my little Kanon ball is going full time Pre-K. His birthday is late August and we personally feel our boys do better with pushing them back a year. It’s worked best for our oldest boy and so we are continuing it with our others. They’re all SUPER smart but, for maturity reasons and even some athletic reasons we like for them to wait it out as long as they can. Just what works best for our family!

I hope and pray you and your littles have a amazing new year of school! I pray Gods protection over them and their schools. I pray they are a light wherever God has them and that God uses them to bring people closer to Him! I pray He brings your child the sweetest little friends in this new season and I pray this is a year of victory for you and your family!


Favorite Finds:

As we are beginning to transition into fall (favorite season of the year) I wanted to share somethings I have gotten in, ordered, or am planning on ordering for this season!

  1. This LEOPARD PRINT SKIRT – One of my FAVORITE new pieces that I believe can be worn SO many ways! It’s under $30! You can see one way I styled it in the pics below! Can also be dressed up too, perfect for the work place! I am wearing a size 2 (smallest size they come in, fit perfect)

  2. The FORD TEE I paired with the skirt. Under $15! I went up to a medium to add extra length!

  3. My FAVORITE NUDE DRESS– I plan on LIVING in it this fall! Sizes selling fast, I wear the XS!

  4. I LIVE in big hats in the fall, THIS ONE has been my favorite for about a year now. It’s not the cheapest but SO good! I have a big head so I wear Med in their hats.

  5. CONVERSE are always a great shoe to have for many looks!

  6. I just ordered this GRAPHIC HOODIE I tried it on in store but they didn’t have my size! Ordered the Small! It’s SO good! I love the sleeve details!

  7. My FAVORITE ROLLING STONES TEE for UNDER $25! Living in this one lately, see pic below!

  8. EVERYONE needs to get THESE NUDE FLATS they’re seriously AMAZING and perfect for the workplace!

  9. One of my newest THERMAL TOPS that some of you have already snagged!

  10. I should be getting this OLIVE DRESS in this week! I can’t wait to pair it with black boots and sneakers this fall!

  11. My FAVORITE JOGGERS I keep telling you that you need! I wear the XS! SOOO COMFY!

  12. I own this FREE PEOPLE TOP (on SALE) and can’t wait to wear it with leggings this fall!

  13. If you don’t already own the SPANX LEGGINGS… You should.

  14. My favorite fall BOOTS! Got these last year and seriously got SO many compliments! They’re SO good!

  15. I LOVE this SUEDE SKIRT (blog post coming soon featuring it)

  16. DENIM SKIRTS are HUGE this season! I love this one!

  17. One my go to SUNNIES right now that a lot of you ask about when I wear them on my IG Story!

  18. Another cute GRAPHIC TEE for UNDER $15!

  19. This THERMAL is a BEST SELLER and it’s 50% OFF RIGHT NOW! RUN!!! It does run big so go down one size!

  20. This DRESS is in my cart! ON SALE & I just see it with my big hat listed above and some sneakers!

  21. The BEST $20 BASIC TEE you could EVER OWN!

  22. Ordered THIS TUNIC in black to go with my black sneakers!

  23. This WHITE TEE is on the way to my house!

  24. I can’t get over this STAR BODYSUIT in the black!!

  25. This TWO PIECE SET is UNDER $90 and SO good! Could wear it so many ways!

  26. This ADIDAS MOTO JACKET that I am OBSESSED with and will have on the blog this weekend!! Size up one, I am wearing the Small!



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