Valentines Day for HIM

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I recently put a poll out on my Instagram story asking what you guys were looking for as far as Valentines Day content goes. To my surprise the biggest request was, “What do I buy my husband?”

Not going to lie, I was totally taken off guard. If you are familiar with the book “The Five Love Languages” Rickys LAST love language is “gifts”, SO I honestly don’t get him anything elaborate for Valentines Day. His number one love language though is “touch”, so I make sure to just show some extra love in that way. I’m sure you are picking up what I’m puttin’ down right there…. 🙂

Here are some of the items I have recently bought or am looking at getting Ricky…

  1. MENS BOOTS– I love these for Ricky to wear to church or date night.

  2. SNEAKERS– I shared these on my INSTA STORY recently and a bunch of you snagged them! I got them for Ricky for his birthday and he LOVES them! Few color options to pick from, sizes are selling out fast though! UNDER $60!

  3. TRAVELERS CLUB– If your hubby travels a lot, this is SO good! Under $36 for the whole set! Ricky would LOVE this and get a ton of use out of it!

  4. CHANEL BLEU– One of my favorite colognes for Ricky!

  5. EVERYDAY SHOE– Ricky has these in multiple colors and lives in them! He wears them with jeans, shorts, they’re a great go to! They come in multiple colors!

  6. JOGGERS– Ricky coaches baseball for our son, so these would be perfect for practice and games.

  7. DRESS SHOES– These are great for the workplace! Under $100 and a few color options.

  8. SWEATPANTS– Ricky has these in black and wears them all the time! I want to get him the grey ones now!

  9. 3 PIECE LUGGAGE SET– Really nice and tons of colors to choose from!

  10. FLEECE– I LOVE this, especially for $13! Snagging this one for Ricky for sure!

  11. POLO COLOGNE– Ricky loves the way this stuff smells! Another one I’m grabbing for him!

  12.  WALLET– SUPER affordable and tons of colors! THIS ONE is good too and on sale for $9.99, normally over $50!!

  13. BELT– Great for the workplace.

  14. GYM BAG– Great to start the year off with!

  15. WELL GROOMED TRAVEL KIT– I LOVE this! So cute and a great small gift.

  16. TUMI WALLET– This is most likely what I am getting Ricky! He needs a new wallet, he carries the same one for years, so I will get a higher quality one that last longer. ON SALE right now too!

  17. HALF ZIP PULLOVERS– Ricky owns these in multiple colors and styles! He wears them ALL the time!

  18. BACKPACK– Love the look of this one!

  19. LEATHER BRIEFCASE– This is SHARP! Love the color, little more of a splurge, but looks super nice!

  20. SHAVE KIT– Have heard great things about this brand!

  21. OAKLEYS– Rickys favorite sunglass brand! He has a few of these!

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